• Draphant: Beyond the Silk Routes

    Zhufan, the Chinese name of Draphant is taken from Yang Fan Tian Zhu which means Sailing to India. The English name Draphant is a combination of Dragon and Elephant. All of them represent Draphant to help Chinese business grow better in India and to accelerate Sino-Indian cooperation.


    Established in 2013, Draphant focuses on the Indian investment services sector. After five years of development, it has grown into an integrated Indian investment services solution provider with consulting, research, access services, media, events and investment incubation. Up to now, Draphant has served more than 450 Chinese companies including Huawei, ZTE, Wanda, CRRC, CNPC, Gome, China Unicom, Cheetah Mobile, vivo and other public enterprises, private companies and emerging start-ups. Draphant is a leading Indian investment ecosystem service platform in terms of scale, industry chain coverage and comprehensive strength.

  • Subsidiary / Sub-brand introduction

    Service matrix + media matrix

    竺帆咨询 Draphant Consultants

    竺帆研究院 Draphant Institute

    Draphant Institute is the internal research department of Draphant and a professional research team dedicated to the front line of investment between China and India. With the vast amount of data unique to the Draphant, the innate advantages of India's business environment, political and economic system and social culture, in-depth research on India's major hot industries, looking for investment opportunities in India, exploring the operating model of the Indian market Provide more accurate data support and more forward-looking strategic advice on the client's investment in India, the layout of China's interests in India and the development of the future strategy. The establishment of the Draphant Institute marks the confidence of Draphant in Sino-Indian cooperation and the determination to invest in India. The Draphant Institute will become an Indian research institution with professional methodological basis, unique big data support and the most practical experience.

    竺帆湾 Draphant Bay


    Draphant Bay, which symbolizes the first port of foreign companies to enter India, aims to establish a unified platform for Indian business services, allowing foreign companies to meet all the business needs in India in one stop. Draphant Bay was born out of Draphant Consultants. After serving a large number of Chinese enterprises, based on the challenges faced by customers and our understanding of customer needs, Draphant will standard services in the original consulting business and include in law, banking, logistics, personnel, public relations and other fields. The standard services of other excellent suppliers are unified on the same website platform, and IT is used to solve the problems of service presentation, service consultation, price transparency, service purchase, information material delivery, status tracking and service quality control in the traditional business service mode. Draphant Bay is an important hub for Indian-oriented business services providers and an important player in the Indian FDI process.

    印度通 Chindia Guru


    As the first media brand in India, Chindia Guru is committed to providing cutting-edge information, the most practical Indian life strategy, the most professional Indian business guide and the most direct communication platform between Chinese in India. It has become a true intimate and practical Indian assistant to Indian followers and Chinese in India. Chindia Guru also has a team of freelance writers with more than 30 people. This group of Chinese who love and recognize India insist on sharing true India and are also practitioners of China-India communication.

    竺道实验室 ZDream Labs


    As the first Internet incubator between China and India, ZDream Labs will study the highly similar Indian market based on China's fast-growing Internet experience, while incubating and accelerating India's quality entrepreneurial projects to explore India's next unicorn company . Up to now, ZDream Labs and its parent company, Draphant, have invested in and incubated Indian Internet projects in the fields of Indian fresh e-commerce, technology media, sports communities, databases and artificial intelligence.



    Entrackr's mission is track entrepreneurs & enterprises. While ZDream spreads the Indian Internet in Chinese, Entrackr is also spreading the Indian Internet to readers in India and overseas in English and Hindi. Since its launch at the end of July 2017, Entrackr has quickly established its brand with its fast information broadcast, unique value perspective and realistic media ethics, from zero to India's current fourth-ranking technology media. The Indian venture capital database Xeler8, acquired by ZDream earlier, was also integrated into Entrackr with the brand of Entrackr Rundown, forming a closed loop of“Venture Media + Venture Capital Database”. With the penetration of Chinese Internet companies and capital in India, Entrackr's Chinese background advantage will become more apparent. We believe that Entrackr will soon become the first media brand of the Indian technology Internet.

    印度中国企业商会 Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in India


    In 2006, the main Chinese enterprises in India, headed by China Steel, State Grid, CDB, Huawei and ZTE, launched the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in India in New Delhi, India, with the aim of establishing a credible and influential Chinese-enterprise in India platform. The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in India is committed to promoting the mutual ties and information exchange between Chinese and Indian companies and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and Indian companies in economic and trade exchanges. It also committed to conducting research and appeals on relevant industry policies and regulations to expand China-India trade. In 2013, Draphan took the lead in leading the legalization of the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in India, established the complete organizational operation system, and was subsequently elected as the Secretary General.