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    Do you want to enter India but do not know how to start?

    We have more than ten years of Indian business experience and social connections. Our team members come from top universities such as Peking University. We have experienced the experience of Fortune 500 companies and have handled many projects such as The Indian government lobbies for industry policy, Indian commodity trading, Indian Internet incubator investment, Indian public relations, Indian project agency and so on, which are a well-deserved Indian business expert.

  • 核心优势 CORE Advantages

    Only do things we are good at.

    Proficient in Indian business Game Rules

    Every country has its own rules of the game, and India is no exception. As the world's largest democracy, India's power is fragmented and its interests are intertwined. We are well versed in the Indian legislative process, industry policy promotion, Indian taxation and legal affairs, and we use a professional knowledge structure system to ensure that we always see the changes in Indian business games.

    Possess the widest network of contacts​​

    Doing business in India is inseparable from customers, but sustainable development in India is inseparable from more stakeholders who are often overlooked. The Indian government, parliamentarians, industry associations, media, NGOs, communities, supply chains, and employees are all cornerstones to ensure long-term growth. And we, who have been working in India for ten years, have an unparalleled network of contacts.

    Based in India, still looking at the world

    We are based in India, but we still pay close attention to the trend of global political and economic trends. The economic changes of the United States, China, Europe, Japan and South Korea will directly or indirectly affect the development of the Indian economy and industry. Our research team is always on the global dynamics, so that we can make faster and more accurate judgments on Indian industry trends, joint venture M&A valuations, return on investment, and so on.

    Successful experience that no one can match​

    We are the only one Chinese consulting team to use India's lobbying mechanism to achieve business success in India. We have successfully influenced Indian industry policies, assisted in speeding up government approvals, using media influence public opinion, and forming joint interest associations with industry associations.

  • What have we done?

    Different projects but the same professional

    Assisted the mobile phone giant quickly build all India sales network and qualifications

    We have helped a mobile phone giant to establish an entity, sales qualification and capital equity approval covering 22 states in India within five months, so that it can have a wide sales channel immediately after launching products in India.

    Assisted Chinese enterprises to complete joint venture operations in India

    Thanks to the large number of application experience, we have circumvented every possible delay in the processing of the $10 million joint venture project. At the same time, we have promoted every approval link on the domestic and Indian side, successfully completed before the high visit. We have been shortlisted for the supervision and signing project of the leaders of the two countries.

    Assisted infrastructure and owners save $2 million in taxes

    A domestic infrastructure company has signed a WCT tax-included contract, and the state government where the project is located has raised the value-added tax from 5% to 15%, and the company faces a large loss. We have carefully designed a new tax framework that saves the company and its owners a $1 million tax. In the end, the original strong owner agreed to the contract change in front of the tax-saving plan.

    Assisted domestic capital to invest in Indian star start-ups

    In response to the imbalance in the development of the Internet between China and India, we have accurately selected the start-ups that have been successfully verified in China but not in the United States and India, and have made an incubating strategic investment. We have also designed overseas BVI company investments to accelerate investment.

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