• Draphant, marrying Dragon and Elephant


    The company name is our starting point, "Draphant" is the vision, and "Zhufan" is the mission.

  • 愿景 Vision

    Accelerate Sino-India communication, reciprocity and marriage


    China and India, which have been friends for thousands of years, have been economically inferior since the rise of the modern West. Until the end of the last century, they have become a member of the global mainstream economy through the "world factory" and "world office" models. As China's economy begins to shift from “high-speed growth” to “high-quality development”, supply-side structural reforms, more and more Chinese companies and Chinese capital will go overseas with China's production capacity and China's experience, especially India, which also has a population of more than one billion. In recent years, India has accelerated a series of policies such as infrastructure construction, unified taxation, investment promotion, and improvement of administrative efficiency, which have also smoothed the stumbling block that hinders the “high-speed growth” of the economy. Next, India will embrace Chinese technology and Chinese historical development experience closer to India's national conditions. It can be said that the cooperation between China and India is unstoppable.


    China and India have never been smooth on the road of cooperation, barriers are everywhere. The prejudice reports of the media of the two countries on each other have led to great deviations in mutual cognition. Commercial activities are limited to the contracting of bulk commodities and small commodities and infrastructure projects. Mutual investment between the two countries is mostly a slap in the face, and there are few benefits. However, we firmly believe that the cooperation between China and India, which accounts for one-third of the world's total population, is unstoppable. This change needs to be achieved through better two-way communication, commercial reciprocity and interest marriage. This is the three progressive stages of Sino-Indian cooperation, and it also represents the current three business segments of Draphant: media community, business services and investment incubation.

    • Media Community: Disseminating the true and objective counterparts through a media matrix for Chinese and Indian readers and even global readers, eliminating the cognitive gap between China and India.
    • Business Services: To solve the difficulties and challenges faced by Chinese enterprises in India, to improve the Indian economy and achieve mutual benefits through the development of Chinese enterprises.
    • Investment Incubation: Facilitate the strategic and financial investment of Chinese enterprises and capital in India, lay out the future of India, and increase the interest binding between the two countries.

    Media Community

    Communication: eliminate the cognitive gap between China and India

    Business Service

    Reciprocity: solve the challenge of Chinese enterprises in India

    Investment Incubation

    Marriage: strategic layout of India's future

  • 使命 Mission

    Focusing on the challenges faced by customers in India, continuing Sino-Indian research and resource integration, restructuring the Indian business system and providing better Indian business solutions and services to create maximum value for customers.

    B2B Service:Draphant Bay

    Restructuring the foreign service industry in India

    B2B Product:Truedaam

    Restructuring India's commodity distribution channels

  • 核心价值观 Core Values


    Customers First


    Hard Work & Perseverance


    Openness & Innovation




    Integrity & Responsibility