• US Internet Concept + China Profit Model + India IT Development


    Focused on bringing China's successful experience to the Indian Internet.

    We believe that the Chinese Internet, which is independent of American gameplay, is more connected to India.

    The effective combination of these three will definitely open up a new world.

  • Why choose India for tech investment?

    Opportune Time + Geographic Advantage + Unity of the People

    Innate Advantage of 1.3 billion population

    India's 300+ million mobile Internet users, which is still growing rapidly, is the world's 2nd largest, but not yet fully developed, and important market outside of China and the United States. In the Internet industry, population is the advantage.

    Development is cost-effective but high quality

    The developed IT industry in India has enabled creative design and strict development process with sufficient supply of IT talents. Hence, Indian start-ups can start at a lower cost and faster speed.

    English advantage is faster but more international

    In countries with the most English-speaking users in the world, any product can be quickly radiated to English-speaking countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia, and quickly cover South Asia and the Middle East with Indian immigrants.

    Third largest country in Internet investment

    The third largest Internet investment destination in the world after the United States and China, the mature financing channels, the possibility of continuous financing and a sound exit mechanism, reduces the risk of Internet entrepreneurship in India.

  • Why Choose US? Why invest in India?

    China's experience export + Media/Distribution channels + Co-investment risk sharing

    Selected projects with Chinese eyes

    The TMT list of China Top 200 is used as the target to identify high-quality Indian bench marking projects and select the investment objects with the highest success rate considering India's national conditions.

    Collective Decision of China and India Investment Committee

    Draphant, together with well-known Indian incubator and Internet giant CTO, formed an investment committee to evaluate and make decisions from multiple perspectives such as India's national conditions and China's experience and technological capacity.

    Pooling of funds to share risks

    In principle, bring in Chinese investors, companies or funds for each investment, and promote the rapid development of the project with more people's expertise and the resources behind them.

    Technical partners to eliminate technical barriers

    CTO partners from India's Internet giants oversee the technology DD, and continue to assist in the development of the technology component of the project, removing technical barriers.

    China's successful experience accelerates project growth

    The project will be identified and managed by the Chinese team based in India, and the successful experience and playing method of China's target will be delivered regularly, standing on the shoulders of Chinese and American giants.

    Tech media hype increases exposure

    The well-known Internet technology blogs of China and India respectively reported that the project's exposure to the target population was increased, and the user volume and subsequent capital entry probability were increased.

    The number of online and offline distribution channels is increased

    India's excellent online and offline application distribution channels have significantly increased the number of users in a short period of time, accelerating the pace of project development and the probability of success.

    Safe exit of investment

    Multiple plan preparation

    China's benchmarking project mergers and acquisitions, China's benchmarking capital takeover, India's listing, US listing, Singapore's bond issuance, etc., multiple exit mechanisms to ensure return on investment.

  • partial investment or incubator projects

    including Draphant Portfolio and Zhudao Lab Portfolio

  • MilkBasket

    MilkBasket is a super local fresh e-commerce that cuts the daily fresh milk and cultivates the ordering habits of the user's first day order and delivery before 7am.


    The world's second largest ball sport - cricket enthusiast community, cricket information, data, live, social, games, bringing together the enthusiasm of cricket enthusiasts.


    India's famous technology blog, also an investment and financing platform for emerging startups.


    India's Internet venture capital database, containing 90,000 + company information, to grasp the context of India's Internet development.


    Hotify is an app that intelligently analyzes and presents news based on readers' reading behavior.