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    The new interface, simple and elegant, aids users in their immediate needs. Do not miss the big events in India while doing business in India. Make new friends to solve problems, know the best places to eat and have fun and get exclusive discounts. With a professional business knowledge base in hand, it is no longer difficult to find a Chinese company to work together. Chindia Guru hopes to be your good assistant.

    Daily NEWS

    "ZDream Business Insight" is exclusively stationed in India, and jointly builds the world's first Chinese media focusing on Indian business. It looks at the daily changes in India from a professional perspective. Political and economic affairs, industrial trend and investment opportunities are great source of information for you as business professionals. We track every news in India. Every morning, you will get to know what's happening in India.

    Find the Organization in three seconds

    The internationalization of Chinese companies is lonely, and people are often fighting alone. We hope to do our utmost to enable the Chinese in India to have someone to solve problems when you need help. Resale of second-hand items, job hunting, travel to fight a group, pockets when changing a foreign exchange, there is always a solution to the daily needs

    the wise counsels of "local villain"

    We are all "old Indian" who has lived in India for ten years, and we know everything about it. We know where to buy authentic Chinese ingredients, where are the most unique Indian attractions, how to arrange domestic routes and how to choose the best hotel. We provide you the best solution in your food, clothing, shelter and entertainment problems.

    Find A Chinese partner

    You must ask your seniors for advice when you come to a new country. Here is a list of the most detailed Chinese companies. Understanding industry saturation, understanding the lessons of doing business in India, finding upstream and downstream partners, or jointly bidding together is not a problem anymore. Coming to India to do business is no longer isolated and helpless when you are in big circles.

  • Each knowledge section is like a professional report

    India is really not that mysterious. The “Indian Investment Guide”, which seems to be inscrutable and worth tens of thousands of dollars, is just a real article. Here, each article is directly for you to see.

    India Business Guide

    Whether to enter the Indian market? How to get in? Which business model to choose? How to determine the legal entities and regulatory framework? How to shorten the company registration time? How to conduct tax planning? What all taxes your business will be liable to pay? What are the legal risks? How to sign a contract? How to file a lawsuit? How to invest? How to transfer profits legally? How to get a long-term visa? How to establish internet ecosystem? How to influence Indian business policy?…

    Indian Business Environment

    How is the Indian economy developing? What does the GDP trend mean? What is the trend of FDI? What is the basic situation of various industries in India? What are the main exports of India? What is the data? What about the economic data for various states in India? What are the major industries and exports in each state? What is the education level of Indian nationals? What is the quality of labor? How are the foreign companies growing in India?...

    Indian National Situation Analysis

    How large is India's land area? Who are the neighbours of India? What is the total population of India? How many states are there? What languages do Indians speak? How many different religions exist in India? What are the taboos and restrictions? What is the political system and legal system in India? How is the geographical environment? What about mineral resources? What are the main import and export products? What is India’s foreign policy? How is the relationship with China?...

    Indian Living Guide

    What are the air routes between China and India? What should you pay attention to while going to India? How to exchange currency? What insurance should you buy? Do you need a vaccination? How to choose a residential area? What if you are sick? How to choose a hotel? Which Chinese restaurants are more authentic? Where can you buy authentic Chinese ingredients? What are the distinctive souvenirs in India? Which products should you bring back to China? What are the entertainment options in India?...

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  • Domestic news report

    "Chindia Guru" is convenient for Indians in India


    "Since the inauguration of Prime Minister Modi in May 2014, bilateral economic and trade exchanges between China and India have continued to heat up. The long-term economic and trade cooperation between China and India in India has grown rapidly, and the demand for related information is strong. A Chinese company in New Delhi has developed a free mobile app 'Chindia Guru' for Chinese people in India. Since its launch in August 2014, 'Chindia Guru' has been widely used and has become one of the major electronic communities for second-hand transactions among Chinese in India, squad, and job hunting. It currently covers about 40% of the Chinese population in India."


    —— Wenhui newspaper Niu Zhen


    It is also popular in India :)

    The Times of India, India's largest English-language newspaper, has reported

    "Of the many challenges of living abroad, culture shock and homesickness are perhaps the easiest to deal with. Things get tougher, though, when it comes to finding one's way about in an alien setting. Tasks that may otherwise seem facile—like where to eat or shop—become serious challenges in a foreign country. What the newly-arrived expat requires is expert guidance, which is just what the developers of 'Chindia Guru'—a smartphone app designed to make life simpler for Chinese nationals living in the NCR area."


    ------ <Friendly app for Chinese expats> by Vineet Gill, TNN from the Times of India